Adventure Racing – GUTS N’ GLORY update

A few posts ago I mentioned that I would be shortly running in my first Adventure Style Race the brilliantly named GUTS N’ GLORY!

Well the race has been run and I’m very happy to have posted a finishing time well within the top 25% of runners entered, being a respectable 79th out of 427 entries (see stat from official website below)

The day itself was incredibly enjoyable with a perfect blend of crisp bright winter’s sunshine coupled with a nice chill in the air to remind you that you were very much alive. The challenging muddy terrain to be tackled being near perfect after several weeks of ever constant rain to soak it through and create the required quagmire of mud and goo!

Bures Pit on the beautiful Essex/Suffolk borders played the perfect host for a challenge race of this kind being a blend of both sublime countryside and surreal looking otherworldly man-made pits all wrapped up in a nicely condensed package for would be mucky adventurers like myself.

With the race finally run and being totally soaked to the core my post race routine consisted of a late afternoon sunday dinner and generally sitting around with my feet up in front of a roaring real log fire drying out at my brother-in-laws lovely little cottage not too far from the event, all in all a perfect end to a perfect days dirty adventuring.

So I would encourage anybody who’s just toying about with the idea of entering a race of this kind to get really serious for a moment and make a commitment to enter the race of their choice! Committing is the hardest hurdle to negotiate, after that everything develops a momentum of it’s own and falls into place. The end result will be a satisfyingly adventurous and mucky day!

My long suffering (and by now cold) girlfriend asked me after the race if that was it for mad outdoor races of this type and me? But unfortunately for her she was met with my rather curt reply of “no way I’m just getting started with this adventure racing lark sweetheart!…..Now where was that race in February you know the one I saw online the other day it looked really good?”

Life’s an adventure, live it!

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