Adventure Racing – a new beginning


It is now only a matter of weeks before I will be running in my first ever Adventure Style Race at the ripe old age of 45 in the scarily named GUTS N’ GLORY!

Billed as:
An obstacle race that tests the very fabric of your fitness! This course combines man-made obstacles to climb, scramble and jump over including a timed 1KM assault course with November’s chilling elements of winter cold, deep mud and freezing water. This is one of the toughest events you will run!

Am I mad? Probably! Why am I doing it? Because I’m 45 years old and still want to test my mettle and fitness in the outdoors! The idea of Adventure Racing also appeals to me as a way to maintain my fitness in an outdoor environment during what I call the down season when the majority of my hiking and camping trips etc are mainly over or off the cards due to the winter weather and shorter hours of daylight.

In essence I’m both looking forward to the event and dreading it in equal measures. Maybe it will be the start of some new outdoor obsession for me or maybe it’ll just be a one-hit-wonder, only time will tell I guess.

If you fancy entering the race yourself then here are the event details below:
£25 entry fee (inc VAT)
10km & 5km races
Timed 1KM obstacle course
Individual & Team Entry
Goodies, Tech T-shirt & Prizes
25/11/2012. 11am start time
Venue: Bures Pit, Essex, CO8 5DH


Life’s an adventure, live it!


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