Hiking and Camping trip to The Isle of Arran

photograph via http://www.livefortheoutdoors.com

Last year I boldly lay down a ‘Statement of Intent’ for the year in a vain effort to force myself into attempting some outdoor activities way outside of my own personal comfort zone. In the main I managed to achieve all that I set out to do – see A statement of intent 2011 (update), in fact I enjoyed putting the challenges down in writing so much that I feel compelled to do it again this year A statement of intent 2012. At number 5 on my list this year appears the below challenge:

5. Camp & Hike in the Western Isles of Scotland – it’s long overdue and now time to visit the mountains of Scotland and see for myself their majesty and magnificence. But I also desperately want to visit one of the wild Scottish Isles I have heard so much about, so, I’ve came up with a plan to get the ferry across to the Western Isle of Arran and spend a week there camping on the island while exploring its many mountains and renowned rugged coastline. The island is known as ‘Scotland in Miniature’ so I’m hoping that it will fit the bill perfectly.

Well I’m of to bonnie Scotland next week getting the ferry over to Arran and camping in the north of the Island at the beautiful Lochzanza. Why Arran? The passage I found below and the accompanying photograph pretty much sums up the why;

  • However you approach the unique and incomparable Isle of Arran, the sharp-peaked mountain skyline will command your gaze. Wherever you go when you are on the island, wide views of west coast islands and the hills of the mainland, as well as the Irish coast, will open up their glories. http://www.arran-campsite.com/isle-of-arran

photograph via http://www.livefortheoutdoors.com

Good enough reasons for me! Full trip reports to follow upon my return and interactive map tracking via my SocialHiking profile while I’m over there plus the usual Twitter feed @jamehand. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, bye for now!


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