A Cornish Microadventure – intro

Cornish Microadventure Montage

As part of my ‘Statement of Intent‘ for 2012 stuck way down diminutively at number 3 I have a small paragraph which reads as follows:

3. Microadventure 1 – a morning of sea-kayaking & coasteering followed by hiking the South West Coast Path from Crantock to Portreath (around 23 miles), along some of the most rugged and beautiful coastline that England has to offer, camping or bivvying out on the cliff-tops or down on some inaccessible beach..

At the time of posting the statement that was about all I knew about this little adventure. The plans still had to be made, people had to be contacted, logistics looked at etc, etc. Now finally I can post the fact that between May 25th and May 28th I will be having a crack at the above little microdventure.

Heading down to Cornwall I’ll meet up with some pals (all also eager for a bit of microadventure) like myself. We intend to camp at the scenic www.treagofarm.co.uk and use this as our base camp, stashing all our main gear (waterproofs, 3 man tents, crates of beer) etc there for the duration of the weekend.

On Day 1 we’ll leave the tents and travel up the coast to have (for me at least) our first ever attempt at a joint day of Sea Kayaking and Coastering using the renowned services of http://www.cornishcoastadventures.com. Then as if that’s not torture enough, and after spending the majority of the day submerged in freezing Cornish waters, we will retreat back to our camp and there hitch up with our heavy rucksacks and step out once again from the safety of our tents, only this time starting with a 7 mile hike along the Southwest Coast Path from Crantock towards Perranporth, (effectively initiating our 23 mile hike south)!

Somewhere along the rugged coastline at a prime, secluded, and quiet place we intend to wild-camp or bivvy overnight underneath the (hopefully) clear and dry summer skies having a wonderful night of freedom and laughter enjoying all kinds of back to nature goodness and general well-being.

Come Day 2 early morning feeling totally refreshed the plan is to decamp and march on a further 17-18 miles south along the coastal path towards Portreath where hopefully a nice cold pint will be waiting for us at the end of the long days hike!

Do please follow our progress if interested via Twitter @jamehand and this blogspot as well as live route feeds via SocialHiking.com

Original Microadventure concept courtesy of @Al_Humphreys – http://www.alastairhumphreys.com/adventures/year-microadventure/

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