A statement of intent for 2012!

It’s 2012 already, where an earth did 2011 evaporate to?

Last year I boldly lay down a ‘Statement of Intent’ for the year in a vain effort to force myself into attempting some outdoor activities way outside of my own personal comfort zone. In the main I managed to achieve all that I set out to do – see A statement of intent 2011 (update), in fact I enjoyed putting the challenges down in writing so much that I feel compelled to do it again this year.

So here it is the Statement of intent for 2012! Continue reading “A statement of intent for 2012!”

A statement of intent for 2011! (Update)

So it’s that time of the year to have a look back at and properly assess how well (or otherwise) I did with my profound and quite ambitious ‘Statement of intent for 2011’!

At the start of the year I boldly lay down a list of adventurous challenges and travel hopes that I intended to tackle throughout the last twelve months of 2011, by putting these ambitions down in print so to speak I was hopeful that I would be beholden to the whole idea.

So how did I do? ……… Continue reading “A statement of intent for 2011! (Update)”

A statement of intent for 2011!

It was with much enthusiasm that I waved goodbye to 2010. 2010 a year of great highs but oh so many lows, (mainly injury lows) in my case.

So it is with even greater enthusiasm that I welcome 2011, with all the new opportunities and problems that it may bring, (hopefully injury free ones). I have so many ideas bubbling around inside my head and so desperately want to make 2011 the year when I make so many of them happen.

Here then are just a few of those ideas from within my head that I intend to make happen this year, (all of which can of course be followed and read about right here on this very blog). Continue reading “A statement of intent for 2011!”

I’m a Blogger!

Well, I have finally arrived as a Blogger. Eight months ago if you had asked me anything about social networking or Flickr not to mention Twittering you would have received a blank stare of ignorance. However, fast forward said amount of time and here I am making my first blog entry. The aim of this blog will be to keep an online diary of my travels and the adventure sports that I participate in.

Travel is one of my great loves and when it can be combined with some thrill seeking high adventure at the same time I believe it makes for some of the best experiences life has to offer.

In a little over a months time I will be setting off to travel around India for a short period of time, this will be my first experience of the enigmatic sub continent. Now that I have entered the digital age with such gusto I will be endeavouring to put online my first travelogue from this trip.

My hope is that it will serve both as an online diary for myself, to look back on in years to come enabling me to relive my experiences and memories and also as a useful tool and point of reference for others that may themselves at some point be venturing off to some far flung corner of this magical world.