A statement of intent for 2011!

It was with much enthusiasm that I waved goodbye to 2010. 2010 a year of great highs but oh so many lows, (mainly injury lows) in my case.

So it is with even greater enthusiasm that I welcome 2011, with all the new opportunities and problems that it may bring, (hopefully injury free ones). I have so many ideas bubbling around inside my head and so desperately want to make 2011 the year when I make so many of them happen.

Here then are just a few of those ideas from within my head that I intend to make happen this year, (all of which can of course be followed and read about right here on this very blog).

1. Ski Trip to Europe – as I missed skiing last year I desperately want to get in some sliding this year. Europe beckons with record snow falls so early in the season, an opportunity not to be missed.

2. On the Edge – a two day hike along the gritstone edges of the Peak National Park from north to south with an overnight camp.

3. A week of hiking in Cumbria – back to Keswick or maybe back to the western fells for a week of camping and hiking in the beautiful Lake District. Good preparation for number four.

4. England’s Highest – a week in the Wasdale Valley camping at the foot of England’s highest peaks ascending the surrounding mountains via the more difficult and challenging routes.

5. Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge – a camping trip to Yorkshire to have a crack at one of the hardest outdoor challenges in the UK. A twelve hour marathon of peak bagging in a harsh landscape against the clock.

6. Vietnam Trip – I love asia and dearly want to travel to another country somewhere on that wonderful continent, a country preferably that I can travel around before mass tourism takes a hold of it. Vietnam seems to fit that bill almost perfectly.

Of course there will also be all the usual stupidity on the Mountain Bike and a few long weekends of hiking and climbing thrown in for good measure wherever and whenever I can squeeze them in.

Some tall (not to mention expensive) orders in there I’m sure you’ll agree, but reach higher than your grasp and hopefully you’ll grab more than you anticipated and that is my motto for the year, well one of my motto’s anyway.

I hope you will be able to join me on my journey through 2011 and that it may even inspire you in some small way to get out into the great outdoors and have a crack at a mini adventure for yourself.

All the best for this new year and may 2011 be your best year yet!


2 thoughts on “A statement of intent for 2011!

    1. Hi Alastair,
      That is exactly the idea behind it, I’ve stated it, now I have to do it, that or face the prospect of ridicule from others in the open forum of the INTERNET!


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