The Northern Gritstone Edges – an update

The Route: The Northern Gritstone Edges
Distance: 32.00km (20 miles) | Time: 2 Days | Ascent: Not known
Start: SK173894 | Map: OL1 & OL24 | Date: TBC

In July of 2010 I penned a small article detailing my hope during the summer of that year to have a crack at hiking along the entire length of the Northern Gritstone Edges in The Peak District National Parksee previous blog – Well unfortunately the plan in the end had to be suspended due to a catalogue of unforeseen sports injuries that I suffered in the latter half of that year – all self-induced I might add at this point!

The whole concept and idea however never really faded away and this year I am more determined than ever to get up to Derbyshire and complete a hike which for me personally has now become a bit of a Holy Grail.

This week while pondering when to make an attempt at The Edges I came across a fantastic video online by a mister terrybnd. This beautifully crafted video short dramatically manages to document the Gritstone Edges while succeeding in also portraying the sheer size, scale, and magnificence of this oh so very iconic and much loved area of the Peak National Park. When I first watched this I realised exactly why I just have to hike this route, and so, in early summer of this year that is exactly what I intend to do.

Having personally become re-inspired by these images online I hope that you too may enjoy this little film and be inspired to get out into the great outdoors yourselves, or if failing that, then please just keep flicking back to my blog to see how I get – or got on – or whether I succeeded or failed in my attempt to finally tackle The Edges. Cheers for now but remember do keep checking back for an update or follow my feed on Twitter via the link opposite!


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