The Northern Gritstone Edges 2011

The Route: The Northern Gritstone Edges
Distance: 32.00km (20 miles) | Time: 2 Days | Highest Point: 538m/1765 ft
Start: SK173894 | Map: OL1 & OL24 | Date: 11/06/2011 | Finish: SK263737

Looking out from Stanage Edge.

Sitting at Sheffield Station covered in rotting peat bog with blisters the size of golf balls and not a bone or joint that did not ache I began to fully appreciate the achievement of the last 2 days.

I had finally hiked along the gritstone edges of the Peak District National Park covering over 20 miles of walking over tough terrain in truly atrocious conditions. I had carried a 65 Litre rucksack containing all my equipment including my tent for the night and all my camp gear, food and clothes.

During the trip I ‘d been soaked by incessant sheet rain, bombarded with hail stones, been chased by Continue reading “The Northern Gritstone Edges 2011”


A Weekend of Adventure!

This weekend I will be embarking on a cracking little adventure in The Peak District.

I will be getting the train up from London to Sheffield then another train onward into the Peak District to the village of Bamford. From there I will either hitch-hike or hopefully find a bus to take me north to The Upper Derwent Valley. Once there I will start to ascend onto Derwent Edge then Continue reading “A Weekend of Adventure!”

The Northern Gritstone Edges – an update

The Route: The Northern Gritstone Edges
Distance: 32.00km (20 miles) | Time: 2 Days | Ascent: Not known
Start: SK173894 | Map: OL1 & OL24 | Date: TBC

In July of 2010 I penned a small article detailing my hope during the summer of that year to have a crack at hiking along the entire length of the Northern Gritstone Edges in The Peak District National Parksee previous blog – Well unfortunately the plan in the end had to be suspended due to a catalogue of unforeseen sports injuries that I suffered in the latter half of that year – all self-induced I might add at this point! Continue reading “The Northern Gritstone Edges – an update”

The Northern Gritstone Edges – Concept

The Route: The Northern Gritstone Edges
Distance: 32.00km (20 miles) | Time: 2 Days | Ascent: Not known
Start: SK173894 | Map: OL1 & OL24 | Date: TBC

Since March of 2007 when I picked up a copy of Country Walking and read an article about walking the length of the Gritstone Edges of the Peak District I knew that one day I would have to attempt it.

The article displayed fantastic photography showing off the beauty and magnificence of this particular area of Britain as well as words that leapt from the pages and made you want to jump in your car and get out there in an instant. Continue reading “The Northern Gritstone Edges – Concept”