It’s more than a hunger!

Beautiful Wilderness

The love of wilderness is more than a hunger for what is beyond reach; it is also an expression of loyalty to the earth which bore us and sustains us the only home we shall ever know the only paradise we ever need – if only we had the eyes to see it.
Edward Abbey


“There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

My ‘Adventurous Quote Posts‘ are usually reserved for quotes by adventurous types – your famous adventurers and explorers, but occasionally they also feature great writers or thinkers.

Well I am going to add another category to that list today, that of the great visionaries. The person I am thinking of in particular is Steve Jobs. Jobs to my mind was truly a great visionary a one-off and an unbelievable motivator of men in both business and in life. If you have ever been lucky enough to listen to one of his Apple keynotes you would know exactly where I am coming from with this. His various speeches and musings would probably have you follow him over the top (metaphorically speaking) and if need be you would probably do so without asking too many questions . Continue reading ““There is no reason not to follow your heart.””

Don’t die without a question!

Every man ought to be inquisitive through every hour of his great adventure down to the day when he shall no longer cast a shadow in the sun. For if he dies without a question in his heart, what excuse is there for his continuance?” – Roald Amundsen

Everybody’s going down.

I was written off. That was the moment I thought, Okay, game on. No prisoners. Everybody’s going down.“- Lance Armstrong