Foto Friday – Rajasthan Desert

Thar Desert

The hazy view from our hill-top fort window in Kuchaman looking out over the encroaching desert below as dusk descends on the town.

This shot was taken during our trip around the Golden Triangle of India a few years ago. Before catching an eight hour train ride back to Delhi we were luck enough to stay in an incredible hill-top fort looking out over the fringes of the Thar Desert in northwestern Rajasthan.


Foto Friday – Indian elephants and their Mahouts

An elephant ride up to the Sun Gate – entrance to The Amber Fort – is the preferred mode of transport in this part of Rajasthan. This Mahout is starting his long trek up the narrow and winding pathway to the Gate.

Foto Friday – Porters at Ajmer Station, Rajasthan

Porters at Ajmer Station, Rajasthan

Two porters happily pose for a photograph at Ajmer Station in Rajasthan as they wait to load our heavy luggage onto the ‘Shatabdi Express’ bound for Delhi a sweltering and tiring eight hours away.

Foto Friday – Old man at the Qutab Minar Tower

Old Indian man at Qutab Minar, Delhi, India

In the grounds of The Qutab Minar in Delhi I found this old and dignified man and asked him if I could take his photograph, he agreed and stood very proudly and still for me to take the shot, he neither asked for nor expected any money in return for granting me this.

After taking the shot I noticed that he still had the price tag for his new glasses stuck in the top left hand corner of the frames.