Foto Friday – Suffering on the Laugavegur Trail

 River Crossing - Laugavegur Trail

A French team of hikers suffer on a freezing crossing of one of the many glacial rivers that need to be negotiated along the trail.

Shot on my recent trip to Iceland while hiking the trail for myself.
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4 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Suffering on the Laugavegur Trail

  1. Victoria

    Hello there! Me and my boyfrined are going to do this trekking. How’s the weather lately? Any advise for the river crossings? I’m very scared about high water and strong stream. I’ll carry on my sandals and a towel


    1. The weather is improving all the time, when I went there was still lots of snow for the time of year, you should be OK though. The river crossings are fun and no need to be scared, just remember to focus on the bank in front of you and not to look upstream while crossing. Water comes up to hips at it’s deepest when I went but with warming weather comes glacial melt so later in the year the rivers might be higher. Sandals or neoprene slippers are a must. Enjoy yourself, I certainly did!


    1. Hi Alison,

      Glad you like the photo, even if it’s in a kind of masochistic way. The trail is incredible isn’t it and I urge anyone who has a love for the outdoors to do it at least once in their lives! Thanks for hitting on the site and do return as I am always putting something up in some shape or form from my various travels.



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