Indochina Adventure

For the next three weeks I will be travelling around what was once referred to in days gone by as Indochina! During the trip I will be employing many fantastical modes of transport including: planes, trains, automobiles, boats, bicycles, sampans and rickety old rickshaws. My travel adventure will take me to Old Saigon, Imperial Hue, Ancient Hoi An, and the Enigmatic Angkor Wat amongst many other exotic and mystical destinations.

Do please come along for the ride!




3 thoughts on “Indochina Adventure

    1. We visited Seville and Cordoba later in the year as well as a week in the Cumbrian Mountains and a week on the Island of Arran in Scotland plus a couple of microadventures involving canoes. Next up is an Icelandic Trek and a week hiking in the Pico De Europa mountains. So keeping busy! How about you?


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