The Enigmatic POD

I am off to Cumbria for a spot of hiking, scrambling and general outdoorsiness this week, but with a twist! I am staying in a Camping Pod. Pods look like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to try one out, below is a brief description of the ethos of the Pod and why it appeals to me as a late season alternative to nights under canvas.

The Pod is wonderfully enigmatic – it is many things to many people. It has real presence…but does not impose. It is a complex shape…. but is beautiful in its simplicity. It is a ‘blank canvas’ which can be a basic shelter or dressed to be as sumptuous and elegant as you choose. It occupies a curious niche in our psyche that takes us back to the very roots of civilization on Earth – a shelter that our instincts tell us is the comfort zone that our ancestors knew well!

Time in a Pod is restful and positively energising……a place to get closer to yourself and your friends……enjoy.

Some more info about Pod Camping:

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