A Ski Adventure to The Italian Alps – Data Results.

Back in February this year I was lucky enough to spend a sublime week skiing amongst The Italian Alps in the beautiful Livigno Valley (see earlier post): http://wp.me/pPdIP-vT

For the very first time I decided to use a Ski Navigation Application – Ski Tracks (available from the Apple iTunes App Store) to record exactly what sort of distance, altitude, speed etc I was achieving, the idea to then use this data as a point of reference and comparison for future ski trips to the mountains.

The data proved to be quite revealing and in some instances quite unbelievable! At the bottom of the post are the screen grabs which display all the data from the 6 day period that I skied. The data that interested and intrigued me most in the end came from the composite amounts taken over the duration of the week.

Total Distance Skied = 114.4 km
Max Speed Achieved  = 59.8 km/h
Max Altitude Reached = 2804 m
Steepest Angle of Slope Skied = 43 Degrees
Total Ski Vertical = 19,293 m

The standout statistic from the above for me was the Total Ski Vertical, which when added up came to twice the descent of Mount Everest with 1,613 metres to spare! I confess to amazing even myself with that one!

I thoroughly recommend anyone who has the slightest interest in outdoor pursuits data to purchase Ski Tracks from the Apple iTunes App Store it costs a mere 59p or your regional equivalent, it will give you literally hours and hours of interesting data to dissect and study at your leisure, some of which you will find to be quite revealing, I guarantee it.

Ski Track Data.

Ski Track Data.


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