Foto Friday – Berber Desert Camp, Tinfou, Zagora

15 years ago we were the only ones to make it by camel through a whirlwind sandstorm to our camp for the night set amongst the dunes at Tinfou. There were plenty of seats left around the burntout campfire to choose from that evening! At the time it felt like the greatest adventure we had ever been on. Morocco – 2007


Foto Friday – Tinfou sand dunes, Zagora, Morocco

Tinfou sand dunes, Zagora

In 2007 I crossed the Atlas Mountains to the fringes of the Sahara Desert by 4WD where we then stayed at a Berber camp amongst the sand dunes.

For the final leg to get to the camp we travelled on camels through a sandstorm and ended up being the only people that made it through that night.

But in the morning we were greeted by one of the most stunning sunrises I have ever seen anywhere in the world. I love the colours in this shot with the mountains in the far distance which is why it has been picked today for Foto Friday.