Mumbai calling! … 29/03/2010

The Jami Masjid mosques' impressive courtyard.

‘Asia is not going to be civilized after the methods of the West. There is too much Asia and she is too old.’ – Rudyard Kipling

After arriving in Delhi via Mumbai in the early hours of the morning the first voice we heard had a brummie accent asking ‘have you arrived on the Lufthansa flight mate?’ Confused by the fact that someone who looked like a local taxi driver was in fact an expat from the midlands we continued to stumble along the broken tarmac to a waiting coach. This encounter I would later realise was typical of the paradoxes that India throws at you, nothing is as it first seems. Continue reading “Mumbai calling! … 29/03/2010”

The first condition…


This famous quote may well be very apt considering I travel to India in a little over three weeks time. I imagine the smells that I may encounter will be a mixture of the most incredibly intoxicating aromas, and unfortunately at the other end of the spectrum of the most unbelievable foulness.