Foto Friday – Old man at the Qutab Minar Tower

Old Indian man at Qutab Minar, Delhi, India

In the grounds of The Qutab Minar in Delhi I found this old and dignified man and asked him if I could take his photograph, he agreed and stood very proudly and still for me to take the shot, he neither asked for nor expected any money in return for granting me this.

After taking the shot I noticed that he still had the price tag for his new glasses stuck in the top left hand corner of the frames.

Lets start with the A’s … 30/03/2010

Qutab Minar Tower

It helps in India to know your Aibaks from your Akbars. Without this fundamental knowledge you enter into a world of confusing names and dynasties that all sound similar to western ears. The reason I mention this is because I spent the best part of an hour looking in wonderment and exploring intently around a World Unesco Monument which I thought was built by the Mughal ruler ‘Akbar the Great’ only to then find out that I was several centuries and many dynasties out in my historical assessment. Continue reading “Lets start with the A’s … 30/03/2010”