‘One court, three yards, and three doors’

Our third day in Hong Kong saw us heading towards the mainland of China aboard the Tsuen Wan train rumbling under the harbour towards the grittier, more urban district of Hong Kong, known as ‘Kowloon’. It would be a day of monasteries, temples and markets away from many popular tourist traps, spent instead seeking out some of the real Hong Kong.

Chin Lin Nunnery (Tang Dynasty style) and not a nail in sight.

With Diamond Hill as our destination and a map in hand we were dead eager to reach our goal. Our goal being the Chin Lin Nunnery, its said of the nunnery that not a single nail had been used in its construction, also that it is a perfect reproduction of Tang Dynasty style architecture. 95,000 pieces of timber amazingly were used in its construction, and it follows the rules of feng shui to the letter. Upon arrival we quickly discovered that we were not going to be disappointed by this amazing place! Continue reading “‘One court, three yards, and three doors’”