Foto Friday – Karnak Temple (ca. 1391–1351 BC)

Karnak Temple

While travelling back down the Nile several years ago we ended our trip at the ancient city of Luxor where the famous Karnak Temples are sited. This ancient temple complex is a travel photographers paradise with endless opportunities for the avid snapper. The immense forest of columns in the Great Temple tends to be at the top of everyones wanted list.

I too, like thousands before me, could not resist snapping away while wandering around inside the inner sanctum, dazed and in a total state of shock and awe at the sheer size and magnitude of the whole place. The vast mix of ruined temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings, notably the Great Temple of Amun simply blows your mind away.

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Foto Friday – A Nile sunset

A Nile Sunset

In 2008 I sailed up the river Nile in a restored 1920’s Royal Steamer the SS Misr. We sailed from Luxor to Aswan over the period of a week and saw many amazing and spectacular sites along the way in this ancient land. But the most spectacular sight of all was a natural one – the African sunset!

One evening I managed to catch the sun setting in just the right spot and at the right time as it dipped down behind some hazy silhouetted palms along the banks of the river as we slowly chugged by.

I snapped this shot from the balcony of our cabin while supping a cold beer sitting on a small wooden stool watching the river pass by below. It was as perfect a moment as you could possibly want on your travels! I hope you enjoy the shot.