Foto Friday – The Great Wall of China, Mutianyu

The Great Wall, Mutianyu Huairou County

Located in Huairou County about 45 miles from Beijing, the Mutianyu Great Wall enjoys a long history and is part of the glorious culture of China.Here the wall winds for 1.4 miles through lofty mountains and high ridges, many sections of which are made of granite.

Watchtowers are very densely placed along this section of the Wall with 22 in total along this small stretch alone.The unique structure makes the wall almost indestructible. It measures 23 to 26 feet high and four to five yards wide.

Amazingly we had the wall almost to ourselves to wander along which as anyone who has visited China will know is almost unheard of!


Adventures don’t come calling!


…adventures don’t come calling like unexpected cousins calling from out of town. You have to go looking for them.” – unknown

Foto Friday – Dancers at the Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia


During my tour of Indochina I visited the famous jungle ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Within many of the temple compounds you would come across these traditional Cambodian dance troupes (as seen in my above photograph. The dancers would perform – for a small fee of course – exotic routines for the discerning and weary western traveller, it was all good clean fun, even if it was all a bit touristy!

Indochina Adventure (Part 2) – The Emperor’s Pagoda

Dodging mopeds and bikes in Saigon

With a couple of days downtime in Saigon before catching the train north to Hué it was time to venture out into the city and soak up some of the culture and sights that this famous city had to offer. Continue reading “Indochina Adventure (Part 2) – The Emperor’s Pagoda”