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I’ve been pretty lucky in my life to have been able to travel to some amazing, wonderful and exotic destinations. From a very young age my holidays involved moving around and constantly travelling, never really staying put for too long in any one place.

In an age before computers and digital cameras, when the internet had not yet been conceived a few snapshots were all you might have to show for your travels along with a collection of fragmented and fading personal memories.

Today however we are spoilt for choice by the many mediums we can choose from and use to archive those special moments in time and travel.

With that in mind this blog has been created. An online archive for myself and for anyone else who fancies dipping in and sharing my travels, adventures and experiences along the way through these new mediums.

I hope this site might inspire some, and maybe amuse others, with all my amateurish attempts at writing, editing, blogging and photography, not to mention my ongoing struggles to get to grips with all the new media on offer in creating an online presence and blog.

Either way I hope it both stimulates and helps to activate your own inner ‘Wanderlust’ in some way and may possibly inspire you to go out and seek out your own little adventure in this amazing journey we all call Life!

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